Zsa Zsa Gabor Family Fights Over Guardianship

Posted by adaniels in Blog on April 2, 2012

Francesca Hilton, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s daughter, is battling in court with her stepfather, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, over the way von Anhalt has been treating her mother. Recently, von Anhalt announced plans to make the 94-year-old actress a mother again via a surrogate, something Hilton is trying to stop. So Hilton recently filed paperwork in court asking to be appointed as the conservator on her elderly mother’s behalf.

Estate-planning experts Danielle and Andy Mayoras write on this case for OnWallStreet.com. They say that the decision from the court as to whether to appoint a conservator for Gabor “will come down to whether or not her care or finances have been compromised,” and says that battles between children and second marriages – or in this case, ninth marriages; von Anhalt is Gabor’s ninth husband – over such issues happen “all too often.”

Hilton alleges in the court filing that von Anhalt has isolated her from her mother in the past 18 months, ever since Gabor broke her hip. She accuses her stepfather of overmedicating her mother, and says that she was only able to see her mother twice in the last few months, and that both times, her mother was reportedly sedated. Hilton also claims that von Anhalt has allowed their home to go into foreclosure, and says that he also took out a $700,000 loan on the home, violated the prenuptial agreement he signed with Gabor.

For his part, the publicity-adoring von Anhalt held a press conference to blame Hilton for the mortgage, and to claim that he’s just trying to help Gabor pay her medical bills.

So what does this ugly drama mean? It means that if you have a client who could be facing such a battle over guardianship or conservatorship, you should encourage your client to hire an attorney as soon as possible. “While no one likes to go down that route,” the Mayorases write, “good legal counsel early can sometimes even avoid a costly dispute, or at the very least, help your client through the process if a court fight is inevitable.”  

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