Watch Out for the Social Media Tidal Wave

Posted by adaniels in Blog on June 27, 2012

If you don’t get in the swim of things with social media, you could be hit by a tidal wave. That is what a speaker at a SIFMA social media seminar recently said, reports.

Jamie Cox, an advisor with Harris Financial Group, said “What most people in my role don’t understand is that … the social tools are going to run over a great many of us.” He told the conference, “If you’re not using social tools, you’re going to regret it, because those of us who are using it understand it and can adapt as the needs change, but those who aren’t, they’re not going to make it.”

Natalie Taylor of Wedbush Securities has been giving her company’s advisors a four-step process for connecting with social media. The first step is establishing an advisor’s website, with information which could ultimately be repurposed on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The second step is getting on LinkedIn – Taylor calls it a “business essential.” Joining Facebook and/or Twitter is the third step, while being involved with blogs is the fourth step. All the social media sites offer ways to interact with clients.

Cox says that Twitter is vital for finding out intelligence, with very quick, real-time search capabilities to find out the pulse of the nation – or a segment of the nation.

Written by Lisa Swan


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