The Two Phrases Financial Advisors Should Never Use

Posted by adaniels in Blog on January 23, 2013

Did you know that there are some words you may use with clients when talking about retirement planning that are a turnoff? explains the words you should never use.

The business site covered a media roundtable last week, where Timothy Noonan of Russell Investments, whose company did a study of advisor markets, explained which phrases will get a negative reaction from your customers.

Noonan said to never use the phrases “financial planning” or “retirement income.” That’s because some think that “retirement income” means that they are going to get a sales pitch for some sort of insurance product. They also may be reminded of their own retirement “sins,” like not saving enough for it. In addition, “financial planning” is a phrase that comes across as boring, Noonan says.

So what phrase should be used instead? He suggests “lifestyle design.” Noonan told the gathering that “if you want a get a disengaged person to re-engage maybe you should try talking to them about what you can do to help them design a lifestyle that’s sustainable.”

Written by Lisa Swan


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