The next time you are looking for a financial advisor, why not consider a woman? says that a new study shows female hedge fund managers are outperforming their male counterparts.

According to Rothstein Kass, a business firm, women had an 8.95 ROI (return on investment) in 2012’s third quarter, as compared to an overall median of 2.69 for the men. The publication Refinery 29 says that “this basically means that companies with women at the helm brought in more money after taxes, and therefore reeled in more profit for their company.”

Yet fewer than 20 percent of hedge fund CEOs are women. The website claims that a “glass ceiling” is keeping women from going higher, even though they have been showing great numbers.

Rothstein Kass says that women are “more risk adverse, and therefore potentially better able to escape market downturns and volatility.” This is something to consider when looking for a financial advisor.

Refinery29 says that this proves that the numbers are in favor of the women. “Progress may be at a snail’s pace,” the article says, “but girl power is creeping up on the male dominated world.”

Written by Lisa Swan