Survey: Clients Want to Work With Military Veteran Financial Advisors

Posted by adaniels in Blog on April 9, 2012

The traits that make a great soldier or sailor in the military – discipline, integrity, and goal-setting – also happen to be things that make great financial advisors. And reports that a recent poll of Edward Jones shows that those attributes are what investors are seeking in an advisor.

Over 70% of the people surveyed considered those attributes critical in a financial advisor. And many of the 1000 Americans participating in the survey would like to work with veterans as their financial advisors – 61% said they would want to work with a vet there as a way to thank the veterans for their service to America. In addition, 90% felt that those skills acquired in the military would translate into other career fields.

Around 11% — or 1,300 – of Edward Jones’ financial advisors are veterans. Jim Weddle, managing partner at the company, tells “Since our founding, Edward Jones has recognized the transferable skills and exemplary characteristics military veterans can offer our clients.” 

Greg Bosner, who retired from the military after a 20-year career, has worked as an Edward Jones financial advisor for the past 19 years. He says the skills are indeed transferable: “I was a boss for 600 people working for me, that’s a tremendous amount of responsibility,” Bosner said about his job as a lieutenant colonel. “I translate that to my relationship for 400 to 500 families I’m working for now – that carries across.” Bosner says that it is important to listen to your clients, show leadership and determination, and keep your promises, which go not just for military positions, but for financial advisors.

Written by Lisa Swan


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