Six Tips for Women Financial Advisors

Posted by adaniels in Blog on November 23, 2011

Jennifer Williams, Merrill Lynch branch manager for the brokerage house’s Newport Beach, Ca. office, told a Women Advisors Forum Friday that with changing times come changing investment strategies. “We are in an unprecedented opportunity and time,” says she shared with the audience.

Williams talked about how if all the women who own businesses were their own country, they “would be the fifth-largest GDP in the world,” touting that such companies “produce $3 trillion annually” just in the United States.

So Williams shared the following six strategic tips that Merrill Lynch is now implementing with its advisors:

1.    Go global to get a higher yield.

2.    “Buy and hold” has seen better days. Instead, use a more “dynamic approach,” as describes it.

3.    Yield can be achieved with “multi-national stocks through dividend-paying equities,” the article says.

4.    Market bonds are a better choice than U.S. bonds.

5.    Purchase in emerging countries, ones that Williams would not have recommended just a few years ago. She suggested places like Malaysia, Turkey, China, and Nigeria.

6.    Diversify your portfolio by buying commodities.

Williams also encouraged the advisors to look for female clients, saying that they have “an unprecedented need for advice,” given the sheer number of women-owned businesses.

Written By Lisa Swan


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