Occupy Wall Street Movement Growing in Popularity

Posted by adaniels in Blog on October 12, 2011

InvestmentNews.com reports that the Occupy Wall Street protest “isn’t just a young person’s movement anymore” and that “it’s gathering momentum.” The news site interviewed people of varying ages who have been showing up in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to join in on the protests.

Colin Offenhartz, a 68-year-old retired businessman from Chappaqua, New York, came down to Manhattan with friend Ed Ozols, 67, to participate in the Occupy Wall Street movement. “This is a crisis the banks built; they had fraudulent securities and sold short — and now they want taxpayers to bail them out,” Offenhartz told InvestmentNews. “You can’t destroy the middle class to survive.”

David Intrator, 55, a communications expert, also joined the protests, saying, “Corporate America is undergoing a crisis of legitimacy.” He said he believed in “more regulated capitalism, stricter regulation of Wall Street and the enforcement of laws.” Intrator said he had friends who worked at hedge funds, and said that many of them also supported increased regulation.

And one college professor said that Occupy Wall Street could possibly become the “Tea Party of the Left.” Brayden King, a professor at Northwestern University, told InvestmentNews that the Occupy Wall Street protestors “have to figure out what it is they are about in order to become the force of change in the Democratic Party like the Tea Party has been in the Republican Party.” He said that “without that, it will be hard for politicians to figure out how to position themselves without just saying: ‘We’re mad, too.’”

Written by Lisa Swan


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