How to Keep Affluent Customers Happy

Posted by adaniels in Blog on April 11, 2012

To give your affluent customers a good “client experience,” you might want to follow’s checklist for how to treat wealthy customers. The idea is to run a “client-centric practice that always delivers” with commitments to keep promises and treat clients well. Here are the main tips:

  • Show, don’t tell how your business will serve them: Instead of just talking about how comfortable your office is, show them. Cultivate a friendly yet professional atmosphere at your workplace.
  • When it comes to courteous service, even the smallest things count: Greet your clients yourself, hold the door open for them, and then walk them out. Make them feel valuable.
  • Have 24/7 availability: Give your customers a number where they can reach you whenever. Don’t think of yourself as a 9 to 5 business anymore.
  • Make sure your clients can get answers from your staff quickly: “Transform your support personnel into a client response team,” the article says. Try to be have your staff trained so that they can get back to clients with answers within 15 minutes.
  • Say no to saying no: Try to serve your clients as much as possible.
  • Provide great customer service, with an assist from your clients: RegisteredRep says you should “help clients help you provide Ritz-Carlton-level service.” This means you should find out what your client may want, and set expectations.
  • Show leadership: This means that to be respected as a leader, you need to act like one.
  • Wow your clients: You ought to know your customers well enough to be able to do personal touches that they will be delighted by
  • Follow through on your work: You should “execute with FedEx efficiency,” the article says, being accurate and conscientious.
  • Solve your clients’ problems: If there is a problem, fix it quickly. RegisteredRep says that doing so is the top way to get loyalty.
  • Be for real: You need to be a “’go-to’ financial coordinator, a quarterback,” and to help your customers be able to organize their financial lives.
  • Consider whether to get rid of smaller customers: “The more clients you have, the more difficult it becomes to adhere to your ‘client experience’ game plan,” so might want to consider dropping smaller clients.  This is a tremendous challenge for many financial advisors. It is important to take a hard look at your smaller clients.

Written By Lisa Swan


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