How to Handle “Occupy Wall Street” Topic in Your Business

Posted by adaniels in Blog on October 24, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement is occupying the minds of many financial advisors these days. has some advice on how to handle the issue.

Here are some key things to remember. After the 2008 financial crisis, a survey of investors who had more than $1 million each in investments showed that 27% held Wall Street to blame, and 20% blamed the government. So blaming their financial advisor wasn’t on their radar then, and it’s not the case now. In fact, reports that the Oechsli Institute found that financial advisors are considered the most “highly accurate” source of information.

But it’s still important to craft a message regarding Occupy Wall Street if your customers ask. Here are three tips from

  • Stay above the political fray. “Do not be defensive—this isn’t about you. And don’t trash the protestors,” the article notes.
  • Be an “indispensible advisor to your clients” by giving great service efficiently.
  • Craft two messages – one for your current clients, and one for “Affluent Prospects & COIs.” The clients should be reminded that you are being “extremely vigilant in monitoring your family’s portfolio and protecting your family’s assets from all of this craziness.”

The prospects should be told that you are “working feverishly making the adjustments and protecting our clients from all of this, whether it’s Wall Street, the government, or our clients themselves.” In fact, some investors are even discovering that the Occupy Wall Street issue is turning into a “viral marketing campaign for elite advisors.”

Written by Lisa Swan


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