How to Be a Financial Thought Leader

Posted by adaniels in Blog on October 1, 2012

One way to make yourself stand out as a financial advisor is to be a “financial thought leader,” Wired Advisor says.  So how can you differentiate yourself that way? Here are a few tips:

  • Remember that customers are concerned about themselves: Customers aren’t necessarily concerned with your credentials and products, the article says. What they are looking for is someone who can lead them and listen to their concerns. “They need your leadership, guidance, reassurance, and emotional support,” the article says.
  • Use social media – or others will beat you to it: The article suggests that financial advisors act as if they were their “own personal media company,” publishing important information for your customers. You want to be on the “short list” of sources they have that influence them. Keep in mind, though, that you’re not the only voice out there.
  • Start a blog, and a newsletter, and tell your story:  ”Storytelling” is key, the article says, in developing your “Content Marketing System” and becoming a financial thought leader.

Written by Lisa Swan


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