FINRA Increases a Slew of Fees

Posted by adaniels in Blog on July 3, 2012

That’s going to leave a mark. FINRA is raising its fees for membership, advertising, and corporate financing, reports. The reason? The regulatory authority needs more money to keep its monitoring technology and methodologies up to date. Those companies who are late on paying their dues will likely see the worst of the additional fees.

FINRA now charges “$125 for the first 10 minutes of video” advertising “or ten pages of material,” reports, the first increase in advertising rates since 2005. Membership fees are going up later on this month as well, with new member companies needing to pay between $7,500 to $55,000 just to apply. says that “applicants looking to clear or carry face an additional $5,000 fee.”

Other fees for current members will also increase, and in addition, FINRA will assess charges of $500 for incomplete applications, up from $300. FINRA’s CRD system, a web-based program, also has increasing fees, going up from $85 to $100 to sign up. There is also a $100 late charge for tardy disclosures in the system, increasing from $10 to $100.

Corporate financing fees are also rising, for the first time since 1970.  The filing fee is increasing from “0.01% to $0.015% of an accepted valuation of securities,” the publication says, with the maximum charge nearly tripling from $75,500 to $225,500.

A spokesman for FINRA said it has sent out alerts to its members regarding the new fees.

Written by Lisa Swan


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