Financial Advisors Make Predictions for 2013

Posted by adaniels in Blog on January 2, 2013

What will happen in the world of financial advisors for 2013? talked with people in the financial services industry about what to expect next year. Here are some of their thoughts:

Joe Masterson of Diversified said that specialist retirement advisors will get a larger share of retirement plans. This will mean that this part of the industry “is about to embark on a new era of growth and development,” says.

Paul LaPiana of MetLife said that there will be some new products being rolled out in 2013, due to low interest rates. In addition, he said that financial advisors will pay attention to tax-efficient methods to help their clients with all the pending tax changes.

Joe Hurley of said that there will be additional fee-based 529 plan share classes, as well as increased interest in 529 plans. And Jason Hsu of Research Affiliates said that equities in emerging markets could be a good place to invest in as opposed to U.S. equities.

Written by Lisa Swan


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