Choosing a Broker-Dealer – What to Do

Posted by adaniels in Blog on December 26, 2012

There are over 1,000 independent broker-dealers out there, notes Ned Van Riper of So how do financial advisors decide which one to go with?

Van Riper notes that many advisors will choose a broker-dealer based on things like going with the first recruiter who calls, or checking an industry publication to see which one ranks highest on some metric like which one has the most advisors.

He says that unfortunately, some advisors go with who offers the biggest financial reason, even though this could tie them up financially with the broker-dealer even though it doesn’t ultimately work for them. Van Riper writes that “reality hits advisors after 12 months and they realize they affiliated with a firm whose culture, strategic direction or business mix does not align with their own.”

Instead, advisors should look for the broker-dealer that best fits their own vision. The author says that it is important that advisors do their homework, much like their clients do their own homework on hiring advisors, to find the best broker-dealer for themselves and their own clients.

Written by Lisa Swan


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