Barclays Wealth Hires More Advisors for Chicago and Los Angeles

Posted by adaniels in Blog on February 13, 2012

Barclays Wealth is expanding. According to, the company has hired eight new financial advisors in Los Angeles and Chicago in order to expand its business. The new staffers have extensive experience in wealth management.

Chicago has three new team members — David Yaccino, Stuart Buck, and William Scherr – who all worked at Goldman Sachs. They will now work under Chris Williams, who manages Barclay’s Chicago region.

As for Los Angeles, there are several new executives. Audra Lalley and David Garfin are now vice presidents, Lisa Amster and Kevin Monaco are directors, and Mark Lindee is managing director. They will all be reporting to Brian Sears, head of Barclay’s L.A. office. Amster is originally from Goldman Sachs and Lindee is from Wells Fargo. Monaco and Garfin both worked at Credit Suisse Private Banking prior to Barclays Wealth, and Lalley worked at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management. says that the hiring moves are meant to “bolster” Barclays Wealth’s “expansion strategy” in the United States.

Written by Lisa Swan


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