At 93, Female Financial Advisor Is Still in the Game

Posted by adaniels in Blog on January 16, 2013

Laura Baron was one of the first female financial advisors in this country. She is still on the job at age 93, reports.

Baron was a secretary for Oppenheimer and Co. in the 1950s when her boss suggested she get her license to become a stockbroker. When she went to take the Series 1 test, the proctor had to check with his supervisors to see if it was okay for her to take the examination due to her gender.

Baron had a unique situation when she started out at Edwards and Hanley as a stockbroker in 1959. She worked as a secretary in the morning, and then made cold calls in the afternoons and evenings. Baron faced discrimination in the office – she said that “there were 11 men in my office and every one of them truly disliked me.” Potential clients were also confused by Baron, although it was a male client who finally gave her a big break because she was “a woman in a man’s world.”

But Baron persevered, working twice as hard as the men, she says, and eventually built up a big client base. In 1966, the New York Stock Exchange named her “Woman of the Year.”  In recent years, she has worked as a financial advisor to many widows, helping the women understand their portfolios. At 93, Baron still works two days a week.

However, as much progress as women have made over the years, they are still underrepresented in her field – there is still only one other female broker at her office.

Written by Lisa Swan


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