April’s Hottest Stocks

Posted by adaniels in Blog on May 7, 2012

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained a miniscule 1.59 points – or a grand total of .01% — in April, but some stocks did better than that.  OnWallStreet.com took a look at the top-performing stocks on Wall Street for the month. Here they are:

Travelers Cos. Inc., the insurance firm, is at the top stop is. Its stock finished at $59.20 in March, and gained 8.7% in April, finishing at $64.32.

Coming in second is Verizon Communications. It closed in April at $40.38 per share, up 5.6% from its $38.23 closing price at the end of March.

Another telecommunications company, AT&T, finished April up 5.4%, third-best. The company went from $31.23 per share to $32.91, up 5.4%

Kraft Foods finished the month as the fourth top-performing stock. It went from $38.01 a share at the end of March to $39.87 to close out April, a percentage increase of 4.9%.

Coming in fifth was American Express. Its stock increased 4.1% in value from the end of March to the end of April, going from $57.86 a share to $60.21 a share.

Written By Lisa Swan


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