Know What Firms Want

Your trailing twelve and asset base and its mix are important. The levels of production required, and the ROA percentages, vary from firm to firm. A 1% ROA is highly desired by many firms.

Work History:
Measured tenure and stability is important, including your years in the business and quantity/quality of your employers.

Fee-based Business:
Because brokerage firms make more money on fees than on transactional business, many prefer that a large percentage of your “mix” be fee based…although this won’t make or break a deal.

Clean U-4:
Be up front if it isn’t clean, because the truth will be revealed in a CRD check. The closer to clean, the better.

Focused Business:
Prospective employers want to know what you do, your preferred focus, and how you plan to grow your business. Be prepared to clearly explain.

Hopefully, you haven’t been selling too many proprietary products to your client base, because you most likely can’t take these assets with you.

Chemistry and Harmony:
Managers seek new hires who will fit in with other advisors in the office

We will point out your strengths to potential hiring firms. Our contacts value our counsel and suggestions.