Why You Should Use Us

There are many reasons to use a proven recruiter like Michael Wasserman & Associates. Two of them stand out:

    • We handle all the details in securing and maximizing the best deal for you while the contracted hiring firm covers all of our fees through a separate national budget – so your payout is not affected.
    • We know what’s happening on The Street – the players, the payouts, the potential in every opportunity. We’ll compare your offer to the best deals in the U.S. to determine whether your proposal is competitive or needs to be enhanced.
    • When you make employment inquiries or walk through the door ON YOUR OWN, you can reduce your value…limit your negotiating power…or create a confidentiality problem.
    • You might be acquainted with a local competitive manager. However, our firm operates under national agreements, so we have strong relationships with the local manager’s boss…and boss’s boss. We’ll leverage this unique dynamic to boost your value.
    • We become your partner and counselor, facilitating your search, your negotiations and your eventual move – so that you can concentrate on positively growing your business.
    • We help you assess opportunities in an objective manner based on your short- and long-term objectives, and provide you with career alternatives based on real time market conditions all around the country.
      • Prudent brokers assess their career positions at least once a year and are aware of the ever-changing conditions that affect their value. You will most likely make a higher quality career move if you seek a change while you are generally satisfied with your current position. It’s difficult to make objective decisions about your career when you’re unhappy and frustrated…inevitably leading to a lateral – possibly downward – and, thus, unsatisfactory move. This is the fundamental difference between a career move and a job change.
    • When we introduce you, we can suggest that you are a passive candidate: Happy with your present position, but open to new opportunities. We can also imply that there is strong competition for your skills.
    • We will be responsible for coordinating meetings, creating interest, moving the interview process along, asking about sometimes forgotten deal points, and making sure you thoroughly understand every detail of the deal.
    • We make substantial deals happen. As an independent go-between, it’s easier and more comfortable for us to make requests on your behalf and to address sensitive issues.
    • We prepare you to move your clients in a seamless and easy manner – providing valuable assistance for transition management.