6 Ways to Keep Your Clients Off the Fiscal Cliff

Posted by adaniels in Blog on November 20, 2012

Your clients are probably very concerned about the implications of the fiscal cliff issue, and what it means for them. Here are six tips on how to deal with it, courtesy of OnWallStreet.com:


  1. Let them know that we could be facing financial volatility:  Nobody knows what it all means, which could mean some real financial uncertainty ahead.
  2. Reduce the risk in their portfolios: Now is a time to play it a little safe.
  3. Put in “staged buying”: Look for good opportunities to get into the market that your clients will like.
  4. Focus on cash flow: Put money in stocks that may see a big increase in dividends.
  5. Think about dollar-cost averaging: This could mean that more shares will be purchased during times when prices are very low, which could lower these numbers.
  6. Make sure clients have liquid assets: Your customers need to have enough money to get through the next 18 months without having to sell anything.

Written by Lisa Swan


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